Globe-scattered stars,

un-met in the most part.

Yet word-chimes harmonise,

gentle laments synchronise.

Soft songs of earth-angels

eddy together,

a river of elegy sighs.

Bards weep beside

once-sweet streams,

Lost crystal lakes of old tales

In their lines and dreams.

7 thoughts on “For the nature poets…

      1. I’ve had Covid (even though double-jabbed). Ok-ish physically now but mentally it’s a bit of a shock – very depressed with appalling brain fog. It will pass.

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      2. I felt weird “liking” that last comment of yours. Stay well. I wrote some extraordinary poetry in the numb brain fog of depression some years ago. Dark, but powerful in its own way. It’s not on the blog. Hope you’re better soon. 🙂


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