Poets and writers we may seek to be-

But do we then lack authenticity

When each pearl’d drop of life is pooled away

And re-cast in cold ink on another day?

‘True’ living and recording will never quite chime,

Experience twists for the bard for her rhyme.


6 thoughts on “Doubt

  1. In an age where hermeneutics tells us we all have a perspective, or filter, through which we perceive and interpret everything, it is a small wonder that we doubt how we capture reality in verse. Having said that, I am often edified by by your words.


    1. Thanks Simon, that really does make it worthwhile. I had a conversation with a non-writer about whether they felt a disconnect between direct experience and the way they perceived and recollected it and they said no. But maybe that’s positive. Interpretation and creativity comes out of those gaps.

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      1. I’m beginning to wonder if some creativity is innate or genetic as my mother’s family were full of people who kind of ‘get’ poetry. Some of us just seem to receive it that way. Whatever the gap betwixt experience its interpretation, you are certainly bridging it. 🙂

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