There was only the sky-

clean as blades of sunlight,

scrubbed by paths of clouds

flung by the gale in its shivering joy.


There was only the answering sea-

purging snowy breakers to bound

towards an infinite ribbon of sand,

shaded to intricacies beyond depiction

for their exclusive appreciation

from that brink of earth;

sandstone ridge washed by time

and pooled by rain.

Heather-crunch of their running feet

stopped at the top,

stilled by the call of sky for sea.


It was only a moment

in that halfway place

between rock, air and water,

where all was sound, yet all was peace.

And wonder-

for the earth, and the other.


Polly Oliver 2018


10 thoughts on “Downs

  1. Wow, Polly. The spare scenes and imagery are so evocative and engaging. I love the simplicity and the light and cleansing. It kind of wants to invite you there. British landscape was like that to me when I saw it. I tried to write on the skies of Scotland once. But I just couldn’t get it done.

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  2. Wow Simon, thank you! Your feedback and support much appreciated as ever. There’s many a magic place in the various islands of Britain. In Australia too, but a very different kind of robust, more visceral landscape myth- magic there.

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