I envy the uncomplicated

Who see in black and white,

Whose days are full of industry

Whose nights are tucked in tight.

I want their peaceful certainty

Their ease with what is right,

Their straightforward loves and passions

Their souls all clean and bright.


13 thoughts on “Envy

  1. Nicely done, Polly. I don’t envy such people as they are not great to live or work with. I fall through the cracks of paradox between the poles. Having said that, I like what you’ve done in this poem, and like it very much. Lance Sheridan has a point. Keep them coming and we’ll keep reading them and passing them on.

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    1. Thanks Simon, really appreciated. This was a bit of a chucked out while trying to get the kids to school one, but it is meant to be slightly ambiguous. And I heartily agree…the black and white people are hard work! Take care, and thanks again. ☺

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  2. I love that this is simple yet profound, that’s the art of words and it’s fascinating to see it put together. I know we’re never alone on envy, we all practically envy the superficialities of each other’s lives. But it’s enlightening to see such emotion portrayed poetically, it’s nice to know that we don’t just live through it, we contemplate it.

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    1. Thanks Grim! 😊Appreciated. I was kind of desperate for a bit of straightforward-ness, but also (arrogantly?) a bit suspicious of those who are so comfortable in their simple view of things.

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