Snap, crackle, pop.

Little white pill comes round and ready

Like a new day

From its crisp plastic cell.

Nestles in the valleys and folds

Of my unsteady palm,

Snow-white, morning-bright,

And detergent-clean- so to work

Neutralising the smudges

On a sullied personality

that stays a stubborn grey

Through countless turns of the machine

And spells on the line on sunlit days.

Always the dank dish rag that dulls

The fresh perfection of whites

And pastel brights

Waving in formation to the rhythm

Of a cheery breeze.

I peer into the clear water

And the clean glass

as if to see the future.

Then it’s down the hatch

To where the stones sit in the dark.
~Polly Oliver (2017)


25 thoughts on “Pill

      1. I was thinking of people I had known, and know, who are on daily doses as part of a management strategy for moods. Some need them, others of us can manage with other strategies. Whatever the reason behind your poem, Polly, it is very well written and the palpability is convincing. πŸ™‚

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      2. I have been prescribed a low dose currently because my anxiety combined with situational stuff had brought me right down. Unfortunately being less ‘moody’ for want of a better word has stopped the writing in its tracks! Hope you are well. Can I beg a prayer for stepping on the right path while I’m here?

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