Here the secretive tide laps at banks

Quiet as centuries and wrapped

In twisted mesh of ancient oak limbs;

Twig fingers scraping molecule-thin skin

Of the cool green-blue world that slides

In primal silence below a mirrored sky.

And here in a spring in slackened time

A thousand golden eyes of celandine

Watch impassive the woman who dreams

In bluebell-hazed shade of heart-break green

Of youth and love and the roll of years

That turned a girl’s sunlight to shade and tears.

~Polly Oliver (2017)


15 thoughts on “Creek

    1. Thank you Roger, a beautiful and quiet place. My poem ‘Oak’ (very basic as it was a very early one) was inspired by the woods at Parc le Breos. The banks of creeks and inlets into the River Fal were what I had in mind with this one. It came out of a short trip home to Kernow. I hope you and yours are well.

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      1. Everything good here, apart from the snow: another four inches overnight (on April 20???). The photo with the poem was very nice too. Cool and shady, as you say. I could do with some warm and sunny right now!

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      2. That’s a late load of snow! I think I’d be a little fed up with it too, though it snowed in April last year here. No sticking though. Not so hot here but we had a great spell of sunshine. Flowers are out everywhere, Clyne Gardens are stunning.

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      3. The pic was actually from the garden here! I don’t know how poetry bloggers seem to get such beautiful images. Do they do them themselves or collaborate with photographers/artists or simply pay? I’m uneasy about copyright so I don’t usually use others but my own.

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