Not poetry perhaps in the strictest sense but I thoroughly enjoy these deceptively simple little short comic fictions at Little Fears blog – the punning talent is prodigious! 😄 The naive drawings of the other-worldly characters resemble a child’s doodle cartoons but I find them haunting and they draw me in. Inbelieve there’s is a linked shop and when I ever make some money I shall visit. In the meantime take a look.


“Sorry to hear that, Pterodactyl” said Yuffie. “What’s up?” asked Fuen. “I just told my man I was leaving him because of his ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’ obsession,” grumbled Pterodactyl. “Oh dear,” said Fuen. “What did he say?” Pterodactyl sighed. “Is that your final answer?”

via Bird — Little Fears


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