Appropriate and inspiring listening for St David’s Day. The fabulous Cerys Matthews presents this wonderful programme featuring rare recordings made by her uncle Colin Edwards about Dylan Thomas.

The voices of the bard’s family and friends come out of the past, through the hissing of old tapes to paint a picture of Thomas. 

Wonderful, moving stuff. Please do listen. Cerys Matthews on Dylan Thomas


13 thoughts on “Cerys Matthews on Dylan Thomas on BBC Radio 4

      1. I will check it out…also as an aside Thomas was discovered by Aleister Crowley discipline Victor Neuberg. Another Crowley discipline and later heir was Gerald Yorke, Henry Green’s brother. Sorry no idea where this is leading my mind wanders on occasion.

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  1. “I feel as if I’ve known Dylan Thomas all my life” … rings a bell with me. My parents knew him and one of my uncles was in school with him. A sort of Swansea benchmark. I have used his words as titles for at least three of my books … Broken Ghosts … Though Lovers be Lost … Stars at Elbow and Foot … “And still I live in hopes to see, Swansea Town once more.” So good to read (and listen to) this and on St. David’s Day too. Thank you, Polly.

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    1. Oh that’s fantastic! His house on Cwmdonkin Drive is open to the public now. I visited the Boathouse and writing shed in Laugharne not long ago. He’s something of an industry here!

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    1. Just been to see my youngest’s assembly on Dydd Santes Dwynwen. It was very cute. Parents had to join in Land of my Fathers…far too high-pitched for the first thing in the morning!

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