The lovely people at Spillwords Press have published my poem ‘Ossify’ today. Here it is; please take a look and rate using the stars if you have a couple of minutes Ossify by Polly Oliver on Spillwords

While you are on the site there are so many other poets and writers worth checking out. 

The poem was kind of inspired by a fresh rain-washed morning walk on the cliffs of Gower and I had been reading a lot of Dylan Thomas at the time of writing, which may have come through in the odd line. It’s been on Rocksandbones previously with an indifferent image snapped on my now ex-phone (lost on an exuberant night out in Cardiff…) of the cliffs between Langland and Mumbles. 

But I love the photograph which Spillwords have used today. I believe it is a beach in France (I forget the name) painted by Monet amongst others; a fact which I learned from the fabulous BBC Four series Art of France presented by the inspiring Andrew Graham Dixon. Do watch if you have the time.


2 thoughts on “More rocks and bones on Spillwords

  1. Polly I tried to give you a star rating on your poem Ossify however I am a bit of an idiot and as I was jabbing away I think I gave you a rating I didn’t mean to. Sorry I am an idiot, loved the poem and the mention of Norse Gods is always good

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