I fell in love with this fabulous dreamy painting by Cornish artist Jo March and got very excited when the postman brought the print I’d ordered today.

Since at the moment I can’t seem to write except in fits and starts- I have very bad attention issues sometimes- I tried to focus by giving myself just five minutes to set down a kind of free verse inspired by tuning into the picture.

It’s rough and ready but hopefully conveys a sense of the painting.

King Crow

Marshmallow clouds come bubbling 

as soap suds engulfing this piskie mound

Where plough turns myths from the ground 

Probed by roots of sentient trees that cluster

Heavily round secrets of this rolling land,

Eternally bound ‘twixt depthless sea

And pin-pricked sky; each star an eye

To dreams of watchful crow and hound

That flap and pace her sleeping mind.

~Polly Oliver (2017)


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