Thinking about dreams a lot recently, partly because of the wonderfully thought-provoking and philosphically solid blog Cakeordeath, and partly because I have been having an awful lot of them. They’re nothing remarkable but for the fact that I believe that certain symbols, scenarios and sensations are common to most people. Whether this constitutes some kind of common language of the subconscious I am not qualified to say, but I have just distilled down the first three recent dreams that came to mind- the emotions, images and observations- into three individual Haiku. I wonder if they strike a chord with anyone else; I would be interested to know so please feel free to comment.


Guilt dream

On your knees you grope.

Soft, dependent thing is lost;

Poor broken creature.



Dusk falls too quickly.

You turn; everyone has gone;

But you’re not alone…


Memory dream

Yet another room

Where people you know mingle.

Though they’ve never met.





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