Another Haiku for now. Prompted in part by fumbling around the bathroom this morning before my hand landed on my glasses. And by that strange sense of disconnection with ourselves and reality that sometimes comes upon us after a night of vivid dreams. Or is that just me? 😳

Swipe off mirror dew;

Steam-skewed, half-dissolved woman

Peers back. A stranger.

~Polly Oliver (2017)


2 thoughts on “Short-sighted shower haiku

  1. Polly, this is a powerful and insightful poem. Like Paul seeing in a glass, darkly. I am coming to believe that the greatest human accomplishment is for one to see oneself clearly. You perceived yourself today, literally and figuratively, through a steamy haze, but in that very perception you began to see yourself clearly. I hope you liked what you saw. Keep it up!

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    1. Thank you for seeing the layers Roger and for your lovely comment; when it comes to seeing myself and where I’m going at the moment, the haze and distortion of this one, and the fog and mist that has found its way into other poems is still there at the moment! (Funny how symbols creep unbidden into the things you write isn’t it). But let’s hope some sort of enlightenment is forthcoming soon!

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