This is not what I was going to blog. But it was Dydd Santes Dwynwen (Saint Dwynwen’s Day) here in Wales yesterday (25th January). 

She is the patron saint of love here; though perhaps we should all take some heed of the fact that she ended up becoming a nun! Her story is very chaste in fact- her lover is turned to a block of ice (before God thaws him out again) and she begs God never to be married. (Again, this myth seems to be one we should all tune into!). Finally she ends up on the beautiful Llandwyn Island on Mon (Anglesey). For more on her and the haunting Welsh backdrop to her tale go to Visit Wales

Anyway, lets crash from Saints, to the other end of the scale; the staggeringly earthy and broken Bukowski, who is chiming much more with my frame of mind right now than beautiful godly princesses. I wasn’t looking for love poetry but I found this from him. I love it. Excuse the pun and enjoy. X


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