Over days numberless as the stars

That burn out their fiery hearts

In the frozen dark of the universe,

The wet press of water 

To the rounded belly of earth

Has licked open on the patient rock

A channel, wet scar

Between sea and source.

Open to the river’s caress, soil and ground

Guide her rippling touch to a fertile gully,

This faerie vale

(Where peeping fingers of sunlight 

Flash like your grin).

Here, trees grip the stony flanks,

Sucking subterranean sustenance,

Leaves glistening with drops from the misty veil

That dances above a peat-stained pool;

Deep and cool landing for a leap of faith:

“Come with me”

(Come with me)

Welsh land guides the flow to this drop,

Milk-coloured climax to a journey over rock.


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