A beautiful piece about nature, memory and humanity.


Walking in the park, I saw an old man sitting at a park bench. He watched the birds on the other side of the pond. His stare was heavy, as if connected with such a powerful emotion to what he saw. The memory struck with such force that it left him sitting here, comforted by no one, breathless, without life.

I would walk through the park each day and see him staring at new people feeding the birds. After about a week, I managed to sit down, but I’m terrible at starting conversations, especially with strangers.My point is, I sat by this man, with a million questions I could ask, and asked not one. I lost that opportunity. I was an ass-cheek away and couldn’t manage to make a friend. No matter how curious, I failed to ask the questions that would solve this riddle.

I thought it out instead…

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