Well I’ve been here for about three days now, finding my feet, feeling my way, getting frustrated with my iPad and the app and my technical backward-ness by turns.

So for my new followers (followers! Still loving this 😊) and likers, hello and thank you for the boost, it’s very welcome indeed. Hello, hello, hello.

Rocksandbones is my poetry so far. I was also hoping to share others I have seen and liked…once I have cracked how to do it.

Comments and feedback will be gratefully received.  I’m writing, like all of us on here, out here, I imagine; to hone a craft, out of love of words and love of the world, to share and connect.

As for me,  I think we are on the crest of a new wave of appreciation of poetry. It’s Zeitgeisty again, for which I think we in part have social media to thank; we are all writers now, and yet the proliferation of trite tripe everywhere has given us all a thirst for the impact, insight and image-drenched beauty of the new old-fashioned poem.

Poetry runs through the landscapes and old languages of the places I call home; Cornwall by birth and Wales by chance and choice and history. It never died here.

I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to reading more of you all. Thank you for stopping by.



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