They all go there in the end, the special ones;

Placed carefully as prized shells arranged by a quiet child.

Each one a precious find from the sea that sighs in that jewel-bright place

Where loves still live

Cocooned in emerald and blue.

Some swim with her there above swaying eel grass,

Salt drops tickle the goose pimples

On younger arms

That breast the water’s cool embrace,

Anchored always in shining days.

History and magic flow to and fro

Between those headlands, named like knights

Whose rocky feet withstand the surging waves and din.

And Morgawr won’t come sniffing in

Under scudding moonlight

Until rare winds from the East

Shake the ancient oaks

And tear the lapping peace.

*Morgawr is a mythical sea monster supposed to prowl the waters off Falmouth in Cornwall. Sightings have occasionally been reported.


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